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System Analysis and Design

Case1: E-Commerce site to enable members to buy and sell Portals/Domains

Requirement:In one of clients there was a need to System analysis study on a site, which can be a core for activities such as buying and selling of portals/domains by members. A robust but user-friendly site was what the customer desired.

Analysis:A site of this concept would attract advanced and frequent visitors. User’s sole intentions to benefit from the deals are to be assured by securing the site well. This should however not be a very restrictive site considering the growth potential.


  • Restrict Buy/Sell activities to members only.
  • Take a Legally binding agreement signed by members who want to put up ads as well as Buy
  • Extensive usage of Client-side scripting to guide users at all point.
  • Database incorporating best of RDBMS concepts with Referential integrity among various tables.
  • Enable Session state and identify user at all stages and give a definite time to make page unavailable after that time.
  • Use Site-Map to allow target browsing, by advanced users.
  • Check the Domain names with an Admin and allow listing.
  • Usage of E-Mail components to inform user of developments.

Conclusion:Customer was pleased with our analysis and design recommendations and went on to suggest our corporation for best of his in-house and other such jobs.

Case2: System Analysis for Web Application, Click-A-Tutor

Requirement: To Develop an Educational web site which will cater to the needs of students in the age group of 6 –17. To make user-friendly interfaces and implement sturdy system to with stand errors by ignorant users.

Solution: The Gantec team started its work keeping following key areas in focus.

  • Understanding existing system of teaching and possible modification.
  • Content Designing and allow Automatic Updating
  • Selection of Web Technology and Application Development.
  • Cost benefit analysis, for site owner and users as well


  • Develop and deploy database of MS SQL Server.
  • Proper management of table spaces, Segments, Buffers and security options.
  • Develop Administration tool using ASP technology for uploading and manipulating content in site.
  • Studying & developing site module wise like registration, Content Management, Questions module, Admin and Tutor module
  • Develop Credit card processing system.
  • Modularity with the help of ActiveX Custom Component for data retrievals.
  • Allow Index searching system
  • A sturdy chat-server system to enhance interactivity among students and teachers.

Conclusion:This site was developed and is in the advanced stage of deployment. Client has vested great confidence observing our work and we are in the advanced stage to finalize contract for phase-II of the site.

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