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Businesses are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way they make decisions. In today's rapidly changing environment, decision-making occurs more frequently and at all levels of an organization. It is no longer a semi regular senior management activity. Many organizations invested in their core data infrastructures to facilitate accurate information dispersal, but the trend toward democratization of information and broadening decision-making responsibilities demands more.

Gantec offers to its customers a unified, comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI)/ Business Analytics (BA)/Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution, a prepackaged analytic application, which does away with the need for myriad standalone products, each with its own license, implementation, deployment, and integration issues. This unified approach delivers better business intelligence faster and cheaper.

It delivers the information faster, in real time and near real time if need be, giving managers the most timely information possible. And, it is cheaper because enterprises no longer have to buy, deploy, and maintain complex BI/BA environments consisting of many different products, each with its own license and maintenance fees, user interface, training requirements, and management and deployment issues. As customers have reported, the resulting BI/BA enables them to cut costs and increase productivity. Savings of over $1 million and ROI in 18 months are not unusual.

Gantec has expertise in implementation, deployment and integration of products within the BI & DW environment. We provide our services to various verticals namely Banking Financial Service Industry (BFSI), Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Professional services and Utilities. We have Alliance partnership with leading vendors such as Oracle, NCR Teradata and other’s to provide Comprehensive Solutions in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space.