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aboutus img The long-standing record of successful and continuing partnerships with its clients, validates Gantec's procedures for acquiring and retaining skilled data professionals. We have streamlined and efficient processes that are aimed at acquiring the best and retaining them..

Gantec Methodology for acquiring and retaining skilled data processing professionals includes

  • Highly qualified and seasoned technical recruiters who are adept and isolating the best talent who match position specifications at the clients project.
  • Gantec's People Process and Portal approach along with its well-entrenched vendor management practices, ensures a steady database of up to date profiles across a wide spectrum of technologies.
  • Candidates are screened for their professional experience: keeping in mind the specifics of educational qualifications required and the certifications. Care is taken to match the level of seniority required along with the indispensable requirement of the consultant to communicate well.
  • Once suitable profiles are isolated, Gantec's onboard practice heads, taking care of technology areas respectively as Internet Technologies, ERP and Data warehousing come into picture. Practice heads evaluate and validate candidates for a good job fit falling in the purview of their technology areas.
  • Gantec's unique People Process and Portal Approach has been the backbone for consistently acquiring and retaining the best from the supply of talent in the market.
  • The portal is the ready and primary source of consultants for Gantec. Candidates are initially qualified based on their skill sets, experience and qualifications.
  • This is followed up by a thorough evaluation by the respective practice heads relating to the technology area. Gantec's practice heads lead practice areas under Internet Technologies, ERP and Data Warehousing.
  • This, in combination with thorough background checks enables Gantec to also eliminate unfit/unsuitable candidates for the positions.
  • Gantec's encouragement to its consultants to upgrade skills through various training programs and its competence of acquiring the best eliminates the necessity for the client to retrain Gantec consultants.