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Public Transite img Gantec is a supplier of innovative components needed to support in today’s challenging IT industry. Product “Print2USB” is one of the innovative components developed to convert the diagnostic information details from various types of medical devices into printable formats and export through an USB interface to a computer. The “Print2USB” software has the capability to change the language (Supporting Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish) of the outputs and the User Interface and has been marketed across countries.

Print2USB is an intermediary USB Device to export medical results into an electronic format from diagnostic equipment. This hardware interface helps you to convert PCL files to PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TXT or DICOM.Print2USB will be connected using Centronics-Interface of the medical device on the one side, and a USB 2.0 interface on the other side helps you to connect a computer.

Print2USB supports any vendor's legacy device that has a Centronics Interface, Including HFA, IOL Master 3.0 and original GDx devices.

Print2USB Software Suite (EasyCon and BizCon) will capture the incoming data and will save the PCL Files in a specified location in the computer. The software will help converting the PCL Files to PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TXT or DICOM file formats.

Print2USB Software suite allows the legacy device to communicate using DICOM Modality Work List or HL7 functionality to retrieve patient and scheduling information. It reads ID, Name, Date of Birth, and Type of Enquiry from the legacy device's PCL output and stores it along with the image in a configured local directory. It can convert PCL3GUI, PCL4, PCL5, and PCL6. The software is also internationalization provision which allows the user to change the language# of the output and user interface. It also allows for various configuration options making it more readily deployable in a wide variety of hospital environments, without making any modifications in the source code.

Gantec subject matter experts also helped Product Deployment Process (PDP) and design for the manufacturer with the desire to move to an enterprise solution for consistency in process and work flow. The ideal candidates for the PDP implementation strategy is an organization with strong IT skills, dedicated resources and a background in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) development. Delivered in seven phases, the PDP process will take you from project kick-off to live optimized usage with the following results:
As a result Gantec has product testing unit for quality control and verification to meet the specification and requirements. Quality Assurance team is well managed by highly qualified manager. No product will be sent to shipping unit without passing the product quality test and proper validation signoff. Quality of the product delivery is assured to all the customers and best customer services assured.

Gantec has been marketing, packing and shipping the products to various destinations across the county and internationally in large quantities, using eco-friendly shipping materials and providing safety delivery.

Today, Gantec continues to provide fully integrated solutions to the healthcare customers. Gantec provides the high-level of insight and knowledge to successfully provide new products and implement nearly all IT systems, peripherals, and web applications.