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aboutus img Idea Harvesting – Gantec in collaboration with Accelper offers workshops to engage employees intellectually and bring out their innovative ideas for solving process problems or developing new products or services. Our Idea Excellence system provides tools and methods for the entire cycle of idea management from generation to evaluation and selection for deployment. In the end your organization will have many ideas for creating customer value and marketability.

Innovation Validation – Gantec can help you ascertain the value your customers see in your products and/or services. This service can be used during any stage of your product development life cycle either as the primary or the secondary pair of eyes to validate your innovation and improve the chances of your product’s success in the marketplace. Using Accelper's TEDOC methodology, we can determine the extent of innovation, and help you in pricing your innovation solution. Whether during its planning, development or pre-launch phases, Gantec’s Innovation Validation will help you realize the value of your innovation. Since Gantec uses several customer value models in this assessment, it will help you improve your product/service offering, manage risks of false launch, or re-assess requirements to make innovation solutions more user-friendly and competitively superior.

Business Innovation Assessment – Gantec offers a corporate wide assessment of innovation culture and identification of opportunities for accelerating innovation in your organization. Gantec’s consultants are certified BIMM® (Business Innovation Maturity Model) assessors. Certified by Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago’s Center for Innovation Science and Application, our BIMM® assessors provide an extensive report identifying strengths and areas for improving efficiency and effectiveness of your innovation process. Based on the assessment you would be able to accelerate your return on investment in innovation.

Assessment of Customer-Focus – Gantec’s consultants specifically leverage the Baldrige Award’s Criteria for Performance Excellence to assess your organization's level of customer-focus. We will help you deploy a customer-insights scorecard for building a real-time customer sensitive culture for faster innovations and revenue growth.

These services are designed to help your organization align with respect to your customers’ preferences, grow in specific customer segments that are more important to your organization that others, and sometimes even gain the ability to migrate into a different customer segment or strategic group by mere re-arrangement of product/service features that specific segments of your customers find most attractive. Gantec’s services are designed to also help you with product/service pricing, besides improving your innovation culture. Periodic engagements could help you in competing better and achieving strategic growth.