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aboutus imgInternet and globalization has reshaped every industry in the past few years and no industry more dramatically than the Hi Tech vertical. Rapidly changing environment and emerging business models are forcing all industries to turn to new technologies to attract, retain, grow and be profitable. Gantec has helped many industries redefine the way business is done and has helped them cut costs, retain customers and become profitable. Gantec's Hi Tech teams have specific domain expertise.

Gantec consistently delivers leading edge IT solutions and educates customers on how to maximize the power of technology to increase communication, service, productivity and profits. Gantec's proven track record of aligning business direction and technologies illustrates the consistent ability of Defining Solutions to be a leader in E-Business, content management, directory services, storage and E-Procurement building the foundation of our business and services to address the dynamic needs of the marketplace. Gantec has offices in Chicago, IL, San Ramon, CA and Chennai, India. Contact us to find out more on how to stay simply ahead.

Technology Expertise: IBM Websphere Server, IBM WebSphere Studio, BEA, WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Enterprise, Microsoft .Net

Description: Our services enable our clients to adopt and adapt approaches to e-business, tap into new markets, and increase communication, service, productivity and profits. As a Partner, Gantec uses the IBM, .NET and BEA WebLogic platforms to develop powerful, efficient, scalable, solutions to the challenges facing today’s businesses.

Target Market Overview

Horizontal Application B-to-B E-Commerce, B-to-C E-Commerce, Call Center, Customer Account Management, Customer Applications, Customer Care, Customer Profiling and Retention, Customer Relationship Management, Data Integration, Data Warehousing, E-commerce Infrastructure, Application Integration, Enterprise Architecture, ERP Integration, Information Systems, Internal Applications, Inventory Management, Logistics Management, Network Management, Online Banking, Online Patient Care, Online Shopping, Order Management, Outsourced Services, Reservation and Ticketing Systems, Supply-Chain Integration, Tracking Systems, Web-to-ERP Integration, Web-to-Mainframe Integration.

Gantec Technology Partners

Technology Partnerships are a key component to the way we deliver value to our clients. We have alliances with leading solution providers Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. We have partnerships with Mercury for Quality Assurance services.

We also have alliance relationships with companies such as Metex and Synchrony Systems to help our client convert from legacy systems to Internet Technologies. Our alliances with Metex helps us provide Application Migration services from Centura to Java or .net and Power Builder to Java or not. We have alliance with Synchrony Systems to provide Application Migration Services for customers planning to migrate from Smalltalk to Java. All of these relationships allow our professionals to tap into market-leading insights and new business tools. By combining our partners' products and services with our own capabilities and experience, we deliver integrated solutions that are better, faster, more cost-effective and less risky for all of our clients.