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Gantec’s E-Learning solutions provide effective, manageable, integrated, and extensible Internet based learning solutions to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is a learning community management system, available as a fully hosted platform that offers a very convenient and cost effective corporate wide learning solution to deliver personalized education on the web. Gantec’s E-Learning provides innovative training and educational solutions for businesses, associations and educational institutions. From content to delivery, E-Learning's products are customized to meet each organizations educational need.

The ultimate goal of E-Learning, according to The Masie Center, is to "...bring learning to people instead of bringing people to learning." Beyond delivering learning, E-Learning also represents the ability to personalize the learning based on the learner's knowledge, needs and experience. In its simplest form, Gantec’s E-Learning is the use of technology to deliver learning that is personalized to each learner.

From a global organization's perspective, E-Learning allows widely dispersed staff to be trained in a consistent fashion leading to time and cost saving while maintaining corporate standards of high quality.

Gantec’s E-Learning platform is a dynamic, highly scalable enabling technology for professional and organizational communities focused on education, training and professional development. E-Learning platform utilizes web technology to deliver streaming audio and video content to any computer and is it is an easy-to-use, flexible solution for Intranet or Internet deployment.

Individualized Learning

Distance Learning: The system is designed to train a widely dispersed staff that follows consistent corporate standards. E-Learning saves time and money by providing an educational experience that is managed from one central location, allowing more people in different places to receive the necessary training online.

Personalized Learning: Personalized lessons can be created and then learning offerings can be tailored for groups of learners or for specific individuals. User access rules are based on reporting structures, group affiliations and custom designed user characteristics. E-Learning's unique permission model, browser accessibility and content management capabilities enable self service content assembly and delivery, thus speeding the process of delivering information from the experts to the audience.

Self-paced Learning: With E-Learning people can interact with instructions at their own pace. Users can access and manage many different types of learning, including scheduled classes; self paced materials and collaborative learning events. It also offers self-service capabilities for enrollment, catalog development, organization of content and learners, progress, tracking and reporting.


Fast: E-Learning is offered as a hosted model, which enables learning communities to be set up very quickly with little implementation costs and with minimal impact on IT infrastructure. Learners, instructors and administrators require only a browser to access the E-Learning application. With the hosted approach, new features can be offered to customers in a seamless way without having to wait endlessly.

Effective: E-Learning has been designed as a unified means to access and manage multiple modes of learning. It offers an environment of mixed media learning in addition to the selected mode.

Personalized: The key to successful training is to develop solutions that address functionality, skill level, and users' short term and long-term needs. Our extensive experience enables us to determine the best "mix." We tailor our proven methodologies to meet specific strategic and financial goals - and that includes meeting a quantifiable ROI.

Scalable: The E-Learning architecture and framework is designed to support large number of users. The scalable architecture means that you have room to grow, adding courses, scheduling additional classes and even increasing class size, as you need to. The capacity of E-Learning is limited only by your server throughput and the bandwidth in your network connections. And since we don't use bandwidth hogging custom data formats, E-Learning is very clean and efficient in its use of resources.


  • E-Learning adapts to the structure of your business/training needs. You can customize the content types, categories, custom attributes, roles, announcements etc.
  • Can also be customized to reflect your company's style and identity such as Logo, Colors, Fonts and Customized screen